Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Evengelion Shinkansen

Two articles on the Japanese Evengelion based Shinkansen trains.

Article posted by RIOS TAM.   

I have to snag one of these if they are making a commemorative version in N scale!  I love the design of it.

((Google Translated))

JR West July 23, "Shinkansen: Evangelion Project" than this autumn has announced it will start.
Shinkansen: Evangelion project
Shinkansen: Evangelion project
This Sanyo Shinkansen 40 anniversary from the whole line opened, "Evangelion" is memorial to those that start-up that it is the 20th anniversary from the TV broadcast start.
Sanyo Shinkansen Evangelion project
Driving during the period, the Sanyo Shinkansen, supervision and supervision of Anno Hideaki who is the of "Evangelion", the 500 Series Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" vehicle by going Yamashita is a mechanic designer and Mr. vehicle design.
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA"
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA"
In the car, and we enjoy content with the world of Evangelion theme during the ride. Also during the project period, and that it is also planned a variety of events such as the sale of commemorative travel products and memorabilia.
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" side
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" side
Driving trains "Kodama 730 No." (Hakata 6: 36 → Shin-Osaka 11:14) and "Kodama 741" (Shin-Osaka 11: 32 → Hakata 16:07). Operation date will be announced separately. Travel period is scheduled from 2015 autumn to March 2017.


A Shinkansen high-speed train (aka Bullet Train) is getting a Neon Genesis Evangelion facelift.

Japanese train operator JR West is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular Japanese anime series as well as the 40th anniversary of completion of the Sanyo Shinkansen line by designing the exterior of the bullet train with features from the Evangelion Unit-01.

The interior will also receive an Evangelion makover and special memorabilia from the franchise will be available for passengers to purchase.

It'll run twice each day from Hakata to Shin-Osaka, starting in the fall and ending in March of 2017.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Claremont Diner

A fun little diner here in Oakland. They have a train running around the place. A cute feature.

Address: 6200 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Shizuka and Soyokaze Stills

I'm not sure if there are reposts in this posting or not. I apologize if there are. I've been so caught up in the extension that I've neglected Shizuka and Soyokaze, honestly. I have so much work to do on these areas that it's mind blowing in a fun way. Details, details, details.

I was actually giving thought to selling my HOT TOYS Dark Knight (Batman) figure to get some additional train funds, but my loving wife talked me out of it and so did a friend of mine who runs a shop that sells these hi end figures. They basically said 1.) I was going to miss it moments after selling and shipping it and 2.) They didn't really want to have to listen to me crying about it when it was gone. LOL   Try on all counts. 

I am selling some other items, however, that have been on the chopping block for a long while now. Some old, collector toys that I might be able to get some good coin for. "Management" still has a budget plan for my train stuff as well.  There's nothing like having a partner who is actually on board with your Hobby Madness®. :)

So, more shots of Shizuka and Soyokaze...just because.

I really enjoy this little section. It looks like a busy and active little spot.

The subway section is almost ready to be started up again now that the extension is in place and almost set. More on that in another post later. I want to do a LOT of detailing in the subway area including signage and more people. Little items that are featured in Japanese subway shots will be flowed into place as time goes on.

People, people and more people....and cars...will have to be acquired for Shizuka. Where the majority of my time and budget will go later in the layout's life span. 

I like the interactions here. Again, it seems like something is really happening. People are talking and doing little things on the layout. Love it.

I've moved this train ovr to the expansion for the moment until my other purchases are made later. I'll bounce it around a bit I'm sure - I really enjoy it and like seeing it run through Soyokaz and Shizuka.

Again...stuff going on. Scenes like this make me happy. More and more of this on the layout.

"I heard something that you may be interested in...."

Another are that will look much better with people is the temple area. And...yes...I've said all this before. hehehehe

STILL KISSING???   Get a room, honeymooners! :)

I still need to work with levels here in Soyokaze. And, stairs up to the sidewalks. It changes things drastically when these details are addressed. Adding people into the mix will help here as well.

This is more like it - street action.

TAKARA Train and Scene Display

I stumbled across TAKARA's Train and Scene Display gashapon toys yesterday at a local toy shop. Sadly, they only had the one available for purchase.

For those not familiar with gashapon toys - they are little toys that are usually in small boxes that you can not see into. They show you all the items in the series and you buy blind, wondering which one you've received in the box.  Fun if not a little bit frustrating as well. hehehe Many store have taken to actually opening the box, circling what's inside and charging more for each. Well worth it as far as I'm concerned. I've spent a lot of money on some of these sets while trying to get specific pieces...which...to be fair...is the point! :)

Interesting side note: Each item comes with a small piece of gum. Evidently, THAT is what you are purchasing, not the toy. Something to do with taxes, etc. It's a work around that I find to be rather cute. "No no...it's not a TOY. It's gum. You're paying $4 for a small, bland piece of gum."  :)

ANYWAY...these are cool sets. There are five pieces in this particular one and I'm rather happy with what I got, though I would have loved to get the little mountain bridge scene.

Another reason I love Japanese items - they have a sense of fun that I just don't see a lot of here, though many American companies try. hehehe

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kaiju Scene Contender - Kothoga

I have a thought about my KAIJU monster for the layout. I was thinking about styles and looks that I was interested in and I was originally leaning towards the look of the creature from THE HOST. However, THE RELIC design kept popping into my head. Not only did I like the film, but Stan Winston designed this bad boy and I love his designs.

So, what better way to deal with my monster problem than using the RELIC as my monster - something from my childhood that I could really get behind. :)

Besides, it has a great KAIJU look and feel! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Shizuka and Soyokaze Drone Fly Overs


Ayumi Kano's wonderful drone footage of Shizuka and Soyokaze. 
Ayumi is a student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology - 東京工業大学

music - 渚ゆう子 - 京都の恋 (Nagisa Yuko - Kyoto love)

Note: Ayumi Kano is a fictional character. Heck...the whole of the tale is fictional. Just having a little fun, people. :)