Saturday, June 24, 2017

Working on REV 03 of my layout! it REV 06? Hmmm.....

 REV 03 is starting to move forward! I think I might have an idea that will work well for both my HIGH SPEED and FREIGHT trains! Very exciting. Now....I just need to make sure the power works out. hhhehe

As the video below says, The idea is that the freight will roll through to the harbor area on the far left and the high speed will cut in on the inside.

The video

I like the idea of extending this area a bit and putting the big station in here. It can be "parked" at the station with the freight going out and around it. Very exciting. I hope it works!!!  heheheh 

Comments welcome!!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Farwell to an era

Time to call it. It's the end of an era.

I poured a glass of whiskey, topped it off after a few sips, then.....dove in. It has begun.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I'm Re-thinking my Re-thinking

Soooooo...I'm re-thinking my re-thinking. I'm just not sure I want to tear EVERYTHING up and out. Packing up the buildings, packing up all the autos, trucks, and people......

It seems awful. hehehehe

So, now I'm thinking things through and seeing if there is another fix that doesn't require everything being ripped out. I still have the feeling that I'll have to rip everything out if I want some of my changes to go into effect, but maybe letting things go is the way to go.

It needs thought.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Do I really want to tear all of this appart? is the deal. Firstly, someone asked me if I had a track plan recently. I had to say that I didn't because...well..I don't. :)   The first rev of the layout was much smaller. Then, I branched out into another room in my office. THEN, I consolidated the entire thing into the one front space. All of that was done through trail and error track building with the KATO Unitrack. I would build things, try them out, and adjust. LOVED that system. It really worked well with my thinking. However, I didn't think things ALL the way through.

THE TRACKS tracks are called out in this YouTube video.

I have some still shots of areas as well.


The problem is - as stated in the video - is that I want to tear everything up and re-group, but I HAVE SO MUCH WORK IN ON THIS IT'S REALLY GOING TO HURT!!!!!!! 

I talked to Tom Barbalet from the most excellent MODEL RAIL RADIO (( If you don't listen, you really should. It's a fantastic podcast! And FREE! ))  and he rally blew me away with his statements. He said that I was a great modeler (Wait....WHAT?!? ME?! :::blush:::) and that tearing up a layout to get something that I REALLY wanted doesn't seem like a problem to him because I'd be able o not only handle the rebuild, but I'd be able to make things better.

I was really blown away by these statements. I have HUGE respect for Tom and to hear him say this really filled me with pride and confidence.

But....there's a lot of work done here.....

It's something I'll be doing a lot of thinking about over the next month or so. I'd love feedback if time allows. It's a big choice. But, if I could tighten things up and be happier with the layout, it migh be well worth the effort.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hobby like no one is watching :)

Hey all!

I'm sick and dealing with two little sickie girls as well, so I'm just going to toss these images up with loose descriptions of what's going on. Hope to be back at things in the near future! Cheers!

New trucks - a tanker and fishery lorry.

I was going to use the Greenmax station kits for a tram station, but ended up using the station from the torn up and out SOYOKAZE RIVER shelf layout instead. 

Original station

Greenmax offering

Old Tomytec station from Soyokaze River

I moved the Greenmax station over to the Soyokaze area for now and the original station over to the industrial section of Kiwamura. 


Just a cute little detail for the whale and shark friendly Soyokaze Harbor. :)    Little rubber animals with styrene bases.


Class in session  :)



Saturday, April 29, 2017

NRail Video Updae for the End of April

I did another little update video to talk through progress and it's one of those, "Hmm....I actually got a good amount of items going here," moments. It's funny what you can get snuck in doing a few minutes here and there. That idea about getting some time in every day even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes seems to be paying off. Little things like track cleaning can be done when I'm work calls, as well. There's really not a lot of thinking that needs to be done when you're cleaning track. It helps me focus on my calls.

It's also interesting to see close up shots of the layout. You can see how much dust and spider web accumulation there is. I looked at these photos and said, "Wow...I really need to start doing some dusting." :)

This station was moved down from the upstairs Soyokaze River shelf layout - that thing was a dust magnet up in a guest room with sheets and blankets being used a lot. Interesting.

The little iPhone update below.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Crushing Weight of N Scale Time Management

I've been playing around with blog posts titles. "The Crushing Weight of N Scale Time Management" is an attempt at being a little more interesting with my titles. :)

I still snag items from HOBBY SEARCH. I grabbed a lot this round due to a recent freelance project I took on. The perk - adding to my monthly allowance for hobby supplies!

I've been adding to the population of the layout slowly but surely. I add a few people here and there and it's slowly getting up to fun levels in certain sections.

Recently, it was the little shopping spot in Soyokaze. I added some additional stalls and some more shoppers. I plan on adding much more here in the future. I want it to be fairly crowded.

I also added some farmer folks to the back scene. Mostly more resting folks at the moment. Taking a little break from work to chat and enjoy the breeze.

More people - sitting on the ground and chatting towards the middle of the photo

Folks are still wandering around the Soyokaze Temple as well.

I picked up a small market. I still need to weather it, however. It's going to see a LOT of business - it's right by the factory and I'm sure they'll make several runs a day to pick up sodas and food. :)

I moved the little medical building over to the other end of the layout as well.

I was out with my daughters and past these signs at a sushi place. I snapped some photos and will be sizing and printing them so they can appear on my layout in the near future! I like the look. I may have to go back when there is less glare on the window, though it will work well if it's supposed to look like it's behind glass.

This one was on the other side of the shop. It had far less glare, so maybe going back in the morning to shoot the other side when the sun is in a different spot would make since. We'll see. Another fun design.

As of the date of this post, I have not made plans to change up the track arrangements. I'm leaving things as is, but will have to address the one section of track - the switch, really - over by the harbor area that's causing derailments. Not sure what's going on there.

I'm still enjoying running trains around from time to time. I'm trying to clean the track more often so that I'm able to run freely without worrying about the track being clean or not. A nice way to relax during the day and post work day to relieve the stress.