Tuesday, February 21, 2012

KATO E3 vid and Poor Me

First, I have to get a little "Poor Me" moment in. It's just a bit of blog therapy.    :)

I recently had a birthday. I hate my birthdays - that needs to be said. I think they were ruined for me because my parents made them SO AWESOME when I was a kid that everything else pales. Seriously, they'd be hard to beat! My wife set up a fantastic gathering for me one year, but on average I'd rather just skip it save buying myself goodies with the birthday as an excuse to do so. Heh.

So, keeping that in mind, I choose to skip my "special day" this year. Good thing, too - I ended up working the whole of the weekend. I figured I'd bank the time and have a personal, hobby weekend on the 16th when my wife was away.

Well, Saturday the 11th rolls around and WHAM! I get hit with a horrid cold. It got so bad that the entire "Hobby Weekend" was a wash. I didn't even have a voice to participate in MODEL RAIL RADIO. THAT really was a downer. However, I did get lots of rest, drink lots of tea and managed to watch several films that I've been meaning to watch, so it wasn't a complete bust. But...my hobby stuff...

*sniff sniff*

Ok...enough of the POOR ME section.

Check out this fab KATO video. A nice Shinkansen running through a grand N-scale layout!

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