Friday, December 13, 2013

Scenes and Interactions

Part of my slight paralysis with the new layout is thinking about all the scenes and interactions I want to have going on. I love scenes and human interactions on the modules I've done so far. When I extrapolate what I've done into a whole layout situation, it gets scary. But, that's not how you do it, right? You do small scenes here and there over time and eventually you have a "complete" story. When you make a feature film, you don't shoot it all in one day all in one shot. Well, unless you're shooting the film TIMECODE or RUSSIAN ARK.  :)

The process will take a long while and will happen in section and pieces. And, before ANY of that happens, I'll need to actually complete the area under it - base and scenic elements fired in first. So, in short, none of that is happening any time soon!

That being said, it will be fun to get some of these sorts of scenes going on the layout at some point. That's what I had the most fun with when working on the layout modules in the past. It's fun to think through.

What are they talking about? 
Are they friends? 
Are they making plans to visit other areas of the layout? 

I love the story behind the interactions. I plan on doing more writing based on these interactions as well - perfect for those times where I want to do something rail related, but can't bring myself to model anything.

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