Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mobile Suit sightings in Soyokaze and Shizuka

I used to be WAY into anime. Now I dabble, but I still have many, many anime toys and figures from back in the day when I was buying for retail therapy. :::grin:::  I dropped a lot of coin on these items. I have boxes and boxes packed with care.

Well, I was looking over my Instagram follows and saw a few posts from a guy who goes by HEATH13. He did some great Godzilla shots with his N scale items. I thought it was time to do another Gundam shoot with mine.

The scale is close with the Gundam MS figures I had. I think they run around 1/144, which is pretty close. So I broke them out and took some quick shots between meetings and production time in the old home office and some of them turned out pretty good. When I really get things built out, I'll do another series of shots. Of course, I'll end up doing some one offs during meetings where my presence wasn't REALLY needed, I'm sure. :)

I'm not going to keep the anime presence on my layout - I still want to keep things "real" in feel. But, they'll pop up from time to time for photo shoots.


RX-77-2 and RGM-79 face off against a Zaku


The wrong scale, but still fun. The EZ-8s are still my faves.

The Guncannon is always a side liner, but I still think they are kinda cool. Especially some of the new designs. 

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