Monday, March 24, 2014

Temple Hill - Outdoor and In Place

Nothing beats natural overcast lighting when shooting your models! :)  I love it! The light is so even and smooth. I lucked out with many of these shots as well - the trees in the back really matched up well.

It was really exciting to finally be able to pop this piece onto the table and see how it worked out. All in all, I'm pretty excited about the look. It will be amazing to get more sections done with foliage and ground cover.

But first, track fixing. I have to get the trains running properly. There are some snags for sure.  


  1. Really fantastic looking scene ! And your right about the outside lighting when cloudy. I need to try some outdoor shots when I get my current module project a little further along.

    1. Thanks, Brad! I would love to get my indoor lighting situation together enough to emulate natural light.
      Rios Tam (Interviewed on my blog) has a fantastic lighting setup with different combinations for day and night lighting. That's my goal! :)
      Thanks for looking!