Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ohmi Railway, Ōmi-Hachiman to Hikone

The JNS Forum has some great rail videos for Japanese model rail enthusiasts.

These run for over an hour at times and provide great track side rail footage from Japan. I plan to add a number of these track side details to my layout. :)

Ohmi Railway, Ōmi-Hachiman to Hikone


  1. Wow thanks Malcolm for posting this, I really enjoy these small feeder lines and there are so many of them. Even if a journey is started in Tokyo on a Shinkansen, depending on where you are going a line like this one might be at the destination.

    1. That forum and videos like these are going to be a major issue with me and my layout - I want to change a few things now that I see things with this level of detail! LOL It's going to add to the small details. That should be fun.

      Thanks for looking!