Friday, June 20, 2014

Soyokaze Roads and Village Center

NOTE: Another post that I forgot to post a while back. 

I took a few shots of the Smooth-It areas post sanding and painting. I'm really happy with how they turned out for the most part, though I wish I had mixed a few areas a bit better to avoid the air bubble potholes! But, I'm liking it.

Once I go back in with more details like street markings and the like, I believe it will really pop. The small street marking work I did on the Soyokaze Hill section really added a lot to the scene. The hardest part about that is getting the Kanji right - making sure I'm putting the right thing in the right place. ("One Way Street" being on a one way section and things like that.) I did find a site that will help A LOT! It breaks down street markings and provides a very detailed list of what things mean. I think it will get me close enough as things go.

I did four sections in total - Soyokaze Village, Soyokaze Town section, the road to the Harbor section and the roadway leading to Naze hashi なぜ橋 .

Soyokaze Village - Still not 100% locked down as far as building placement, but it's getting close. Once I get things locked down, (...and keep smacking myself when I say I should get two or three more buildings for the area. "NO, MALCOLM! NO MORE BUILDINGS! get a few more freelance jobs...then we can talk about a small HOBBY SEARCH order....AFTER you get paid!" heh ) I'll be able to add the details like the small gutter systems that run along the front of many buildings in villages like this in Japan.

Town section - Again, while not set in stone yet, it's getting close!

Village section leading to town

Front road section
This rough section will be worked on to show a series of switches - all dead rail and not operating, but super detailed - weathering and signage galore!  :)  I always liked the look. 

Harbor road section - This will be a fun section to detail as well. Gravel, security fences and signs along with the large whale mount I plan on mimicking. :)

PROGRESS! Slow and steady. :)
The roads being down will allow me to do some more detailing, which is nice. I've planned a bit, but I suspect that something will be amiss somewhere along the line. We'll see.

Another good reason NOT to buy additional buildings for the Soyokaze Village section is leaving room for some detail elements. I've moved the little vendors out of the Village proper. They'll be over on the edge of the area with some little streamers and things to make the area look festive.

The Village needs a lot of people, for one, but also a lot of detail elements. I've started a collection of some shots with nice detail elements that I'd like to include in my scenes.

I even plan to model something like this  torii out of clay or wood!

I want to do one for the Village area - more simple, and one that's a little more grand for the temple area. I want to make sure it matches the style and time period, however, so I'll need to do some homework.

I even have deer that I'm going to have wandering through Soyokaze Village. :)

Happy hobbying! :)

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