Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 2014 Layout Tour Video

I wanted to get another little layout tour video in for 2014 - the end of the year is starting to look a little...busy, so I figured I'd knock another benchmark video out to see where things stand at the moment.
They are pretty much where they were a while back - I need to get more people and more vehicles for sure.

I rearranged the Shizuka section yet again and I am liking it a little more. I also took another pass at the Town area, but that needs another revision.

I'm going round and round on the subway section. I really would like to have a subway area and I like the idea I have going for it, but I'm not sure the time, money and effort makes sense at this point. Spending the money getting more items o make the existing sections dialed in seems to make more sense. I'm going to keep sitting on it and milling it over.

As usual, comments are welcome. The video is just a fun little piece that I spent all of an hour on. :)

N-RAIL November 2014 Layout Tour and update from Malcolm Johnson on Vimeo.



  1. Wow Malcolm that's fantastic ! I had no idea the layout had grown to that size, you've really been busy on it. Great work.

    1. Thanks, Brad! Yeah, it actually snuck up on me as well. When I look back on images from a few years ago and see where it is now, I stare at it slack-jawed. heheheh
      Thanks for looking!