Sunday, December 21, 2014

Working and...whoa...I'm working!

Wow...I'm actually working on the layout again instead of just planning. That's fun. :)

I was playing around with this round building idea. It might take care of my desire for a walkway as well if I put both of them together. I've taking a coffee can and Pringles can and plan to use them as bases for buildings adding windows and the like. We'll see if they actually work out. It might just be silly once it's done.

The two cylinders are far away at the moment, but it's I move them closer, I'll be able to connect them with a flyover walkway. Might be fun with people crossing back and forth. I also plan to add windows and other details to sell the idea. Could be fun.

The big thing is the subway and how it's starting to come together. I have a general action plan - we'll see if it works out.

The station is rather straight forward. I'll have the platform and a really nice overhead area. Maybe some lights as well. There will be a series of view block walls that will have details added to make it look subway-like. But the biggie will be the little monster scene. I want it to be a little nugget that people will see and say, " that the military doing something with an underground monster there?" :) 

I'm currently building another novice base for this to live on with Helper Number 2 (my two year old) and it should be strong enough to prevent warping and the like. I do enjoy working with wood even though I'm not REALLY sure what I'm doing. hehehehe

I plan on working on my backdrop over the holiday break as well. I'll post photos if and when progress happens on that front.

Lastly, I need to get my trains running better! The KATO train I had on my tracks ran like a dream, but the Modemo tram isn't working well at all. I added another drop and thought more power to the line would help, but perhaps another track cleaning is in order. It's odd that the KATO runs so well. Maybe it has more power pickups. I'll have to research it.

Happy hobbying! :)


  1. Hi Malcolm,

    That subway base looks interesting. I see the rear track is just a dummy. That's a good way to simplify things as it may not be seen that much anyway.

    I don't have any trams myself but I do know that the Japan model companies are big on having traction tires on the wheels. I have removed all of them on my trains to get better electrical pickup.

    1. Nice advice, Brad! I need to look into that.
      I've managed to get the subway section up (OH! my BACK! :) ) and it's working well so far. Images to follow.
      Thanks for the advice and the read!