Sunday, November 15, 2015

October Progress

Again....a month after I started the post...I return to finish it. :)

I'm making some major moves on the layout extension. I'm trying to get things to the point where I can start detailing and get things looking like something more than foam and plaster.

The first step was getting the tunnel worked out. I started with plastering over the cardboard structure I created for the section. Then I painted it over with a base coat of brown.

I then started to apply foliage. I was going to hand craft trees, but I went with the lichen route instead.

I was pretty happy with the result. I think it needs another pass, but it's working so far and giving me the look I wanted.

I went in and gave a base brown coat to areas around the tracks.

I'm not sure about the water areas yet. Once spot will be near the front of the layout while the other is in the back by the bridge section. That section will be the hardest one to get to. I don't have my access spot like I had on the other part of the layout, so I'll be forced to do some creative leaning or producing a stand along modular section I can drop into the space - a far easier option!

I've since made progress on other aspects of the layout - now all disjointed and out of chronological order since I've been bouncing around.

No matter. It just means I've been spending time with the kids and actually DOING hobby stuff rather than just writing about it, right? heheheh

Some other shots from around the layout.

More soon. Very soon.

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