Friday, December 4, 2015

Kiwamura Hill, military, and more

I managed to get some down time in here and there during this week. I was trying to stay sane. :)

I had to come up with a way to deal with the back corner of Kiwamura. When I built it, I didn't have the same back space to crawl up into, so reaching the back of the layout was difficult. I had to lean over - leaving a space to place a hand for balance. Not easy. It's hard to lean over five feet on one hand.

I had a few suggestions on how to address the space. The best backed up my own thought - build something to drop into the back space instead of trying to build in the back space itself.

I carved and built up a hillside with foam and then covered it with plaster gauze. It worked like a charm

Foam covered with plaster....

A little paint and some Woodland Scenics....

A little walking view spot....

 Not bad.

I'm pretty happy with the results.  When I get the additional trees in, we'll be golden.

I also started to work on additional details. Like the hillside apartment complex area. 

I also checked out the plastic fencing I purchased a while back. I wasn't sure it was going to be as good as the laser cut metal fence I had, but it's not bad. It doesn't read as plastic. And, it's FAR less expensive than the laser cut metal fencing. It's worth being a little more cleaver about using the plastic - I can get three packs of the plastic for the same cost as one metal laser fence pack.


The military is also snooping around the factory. I think there may be something wrong there.  :)

I wanted to make the corner of the Kiwamura Station curve a little more....realistic. It needed something to look like a bridge. I thought I'd try another styrene build.

The first round of painting is done. I just need to go back in and add some weathering and additional details. Maybe some additional supports under as well.

Overall, I'm happy with the progress. These are the little details that I love working on. I want to make sure that I don't go too fast. That I'm thinking through the building of these details properly so that I don't get ahead of myself.

I'd love to get additional trains to run - something basic. I wanted to get the N•EX train, but I don't think it will run on my curves. I might still get it and hope it works. I can always resell it on eBay if need be.

Other trains in question....

And...more to come....


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