Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking stock of where I am

I'm taking a look at my layout an making another list of TO DO items and items I'd like to purchase in the near future.

Overall, I'm very happy with the way things are going so far. The "doughnut" style layout is grand for me. I love being able to see the whole of the layout now and running the freight, tram and high speed rail sections is fun and easy.

The Kiwamura Station and yard areas need to be addressed for sure. There's still bare wood there and it's in need of a little scenic work.

I plan on more detail work for the station itself as well. It'll be fun.

The Soyokaze Temple area and Soyokaze Harbor areas are the most developed.

I think I may build something like this for the harbor section. It's a fun little location in Gaithersburg  MD that I discovered. It's a cool building and it would work well in the location.

I'm taking a look at some additional street looks. I currently have a lot of grey, flat areas for streets, but I want to see if there are other items I can add in to create a little more interest. I'm also looking at other items I can add into scenes to create interest as well. Like the little units and signs in the image below from the Instagram account of tatsuru.n_1969.

I think Soyokaze Village is coming together. I still need to address some of the streets and get some additional people into the mix.

I gave some brick sheets a try from PAPER BRICK and I dig them! I want to do some little buildings in the future with them. I took a shot at making a brick wall. Not horrid for a first try.
Check out their offerings! http://paperbrick.co.uk/index.php?action=selectbrick

Soyokaze Township ( name for now ) is looking busy. Just need more of the same here.

The first modules in the back of the layout are some items I'm really pleased with. Again, I have to give Tom Barbalet from MODEL RAIL RADIO a shout out for putting the bug in my ear about placing modules in the back section. They look far better than the empty space I had in the back of the layout earlier. I need to blend them a bit more so they sit with the main layout in a little cleaner way. More on one of those blending items in another post to follow.

Shizuka....that's a whole other deal. There's a lot of work that's needed there. But, it's coming along.

I also need to work on getting wires and the like cleaned up and the tram power up onto a platform. Some major under layout items need to be addressed.

And lastly, more of these little detail scenes peppered through the layout will be a lot of fun to work on.



  1. Good stuff Malcolm, thanks for sharing your progress. I live vicariously through the many blogs I follow. I admire all the work that goes into creating these model railroads. My excuse to not building something is time but it's really more the fact that I go for instant gratification when it comes to this hobby.
    -Junior aka Serotta1972 in the JNS Forum

    1. Hey there!
      I have the same issue - wanting it just complete. However, I've managed to change that and slow things way down and I love the results. I've gone from slamming stuff together to doing layers and layers of work on something to get it complete.
      Maybe a shelf layout or modular situation would be better for you? You could knock out sections, call them done, then move on to other sections. Might be worth exploring.
      Thanks for reading!