Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Productive Work Day a While Back

Well, another post that I started a month ago and never actually wrote. hehehehe

I did some additional detailing and added a few scenic elements. Seeing as this was ages ago, this will pretty much just be a photo post. :::grin::::

Some additional shots of the painting I did a while back.


Added some folks to the bridge. More to come.

Pre-ballast shot of the yard area.

Work on the barrier around the center island area of the yard. I love styrene. :)

Placeholder building. I'm going to try another styrene building custom building soon. Not happy with how this one turned out.

Post-ballast shot of the yard.

A fun little KATO detail red tank.

A nice fence product.
Rail Guard Fence for N Scale (Straight Type 2) (Model Train) by PLATZ
(out of stock at the time of this post)

Not bad for round 01

I have a small iPhone video update coming in another post later tonight. 
Thanks for reading!

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