Thursday, April 6, 2017

Soyokaze River Module, Farewell

I said goodbye to my Soyokaze River Module recently.  I had looked at it and I saw that it was dusty, covered with webs, and forgotten. It was time to look at folding it into the main layout.

It's hard - I really did love that little shelf for a long while.
Shots here -

However, I got sad seeing it up in our guest room - alone. Dusty.

I had an idea - re-build a back module of my layout and fold the buildings from the river module into the rebuild. It wouldn't be the same, but I might have been able to retain some of the flavor of the Soyokaze River shelf. 

I talked to my wife about the project and she mentioned the fact that she really liked the module I was thinking about rebuilding. She liked the mountain and the nature presented. Then she said, "Why don't you just...add the river buildings into that section?"

I looked at the section and it seemed to make sense. Just remove the industrial stuff and add in the more village looking buildings.  When I was looking at what that meant, it really became clear. It was a great flow from Soyokaze Village towards the back of the layout.

It's not as charming as the little shelf layout. That's a bit of a drag. However, I hope to get some of the more charming nature of the shelf into the main layout here and there.

And, we move on. :)


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