Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Do I really want to tear all of this appart?

So...here is the deal. Firstly, someone asked me if I had a track plan recently. I had to say that I didn't because...well..I don't. :)   The first rev of the layout was much smaller. Then, I branched out into another room in my office. THEN, I consolidated the entire thing into the one front space. All of that was done through trail and error track building with the KATO Unitrack. I would build things, try them out, and adjust. LOVED that system. It really worked well with my thinking. However, I didn't think things ALL the way through.


So...my tracks are called out in this YouTube video.

I have some still shots of areas as well.


The problem is - as stated in the video - is that I want to tear everything up and re-group, but I HAVE SO MUCH WORK IN ON THIS IT'S REALLY GOING TO HURT!!!!!!! 

I talked to Tom Barbalet from the most excellent MODEL RAIL RADIO (( If you don't listen, you really should. It's a fantastic podcast! And FREE! ))  and he rally blew me away with his statements. He said that I was a great modeler (Wait....WHAT?!? ME?! :::blush:::) and that tearing up a layout to get something that I REALLY wanted doesn't seem like a problem to him because I'd be able o not only handle the rebuild, but I'd be able to make things better.

I was really blown away by these statements. I have HUGE respect for Tom and to hear him say this really filled me with pride and confidence.

But....there's a lot of work done here.....

It's something I'll be doing a lot of thinking about over the next month or so. I'd love feedback if time allows. It's a big choice. But, if I could tighten things up and be happier with the layout, it migh be well worth the effort.



  1. What is the worst case scenario if you tear it down?

    1. Interesting.
      I guess the WORST that can happen is I tear it down, rebuild, then look back on photos I've taken of this layout and think, "Crap...I liked that layout better..." :)
      I think that's what I was really concerned about. However, being able to get yet another round of things i wanted originally into the layout would be great. I wanted more layering height wise, track that I could run many different types of trains on, and a few other obtainable items, so I think it's well worth the risks.
      I'm going to start a running list of what I have now and what I'd like to accomplish with a new layout. I think the costs would be minimal overall. Mostly some additional foam for decking. We'll see. :)
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Allen McCllellen had to tear out the V&O. Pelle Soboerg has torn down two layouts in 10 years. And those are but two examples of outstanding mrr's that have been reborn. Your will, I think, follow the same path.

    And Tom is right - you are an excellent modeler.

    1. Yes, I've heard stories. I mentioned QUINNTOPIA (http://quinntopia.blogspot.com/) tearing out his layout for similar reasons. Enough Frankensteining things to try to make things work. Sometimes you need a fresh start.

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for reading. I'm a pretty modest guy - leaning more towards "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I like it" and hearing people praising my work has been really cool. :)

  3. What your going to find out about hobby like this - your suppose to make a layout. Photograph it and then send it in to the magazines. For sale so as to recoup your investment. Hence, if you look at N Scale Modeling. Lots of times they just make scenes for the cover and a few visually stimulating photos. Then, they just move it aside. Thus, is why N-Trak is so popular.

    1. True. True.
      I don't think my layout is going to make any magazines, but I will document it before boxing it up and starting over.
      It's funny, everything including my last order from Japan has just stopped. No work being done, no new builds....
      Just....plotting. :)
      Thanks for reading!