Saturday, February 26, 2011

Temple: Base Phase One

Phase one of the Temple base building.

I went to the local hobby shop and picked up this piece of wood. A simple and small piece was selected due to the small footprint of the area I had to work with. Again, this is the headpiece of the N scale set i have on my dresser, so I didn't need a massive piece to work with.

I'm just using plaster gauze to build the small hills this temple will sit on.

I wanted to get a little height for the main buildings. This will get everything up a little above the rest of the set. I don't want too much height, however. This is N scale and I don't want my figures to have to scale cliffs to get to the temple. :)

My friend foam core came into play again here. I'm slicing it a bit and building up areas that will be the main stage for the larger buildings.

Carved and ready, I glued the foam core pieces together to avoid slippage. I've also placed the buildings to make sure I allowed for enough area for the buildings and paths.

I plan to lay out the plaster tomorrow and call it a weekend for now. A lot of project time!

The area's where the buildings sit will either be the same sand used for the rooftop garden paths or a simple paint job on the plaster. There will be a path running from the small entryway at the bottom right up to the main buildings. Shrubs and trees will be placed after I lay down some grass areas.

Above all...I have to make sure I take my time.

Comments welcome as always!

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