Friday, February 18, 2011

Temple: Pieces

The main parts for the temple arrived from Japan the other day. I put them together last night while watching TV with the Mrs. :)

These TOMYTEC kits are VERY easy to put together. A simple snap process. The construction is solid and, like many Japanese kits, there's no glue required. They are painted well, too. Nothing additional is required, but I may toss a little more weathering detail on for fun.

The base piece of wood I got should work. Just. The pieces all in all are taking up a little more room than imagined, so I may either upgrade the wood to a larger size or downgrade the overall plan of action to accommodate the size. Adding a little path area or parking lot area may do the trick as well - extending the wood piece with additional bits.

Now the next step is (after finding time to work on this) planning out the overall layout. Where the buildings, trees, paths and the like are going to live. I have the plaster gauze to build a little hill area as well, so once things get set, I'm good to go.

Another thing to think about when doing the hill is...N scale. I don't want a mountain, just a hill. And, I need to take the figures in mind. I have traditional garb figures for this part of the scene. I don't want them scaling cliffs to get from one point to another. :)

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