Friday, April 29, 2011

Briddon Bus Terminal

I finally have the bus terminal looking like I want it to.
This section of Briddon (the fictitious town of my multi-part layout) lives at work. I love looking over at it while I toil. :)
The Tomytec bus sets are a lot of fun. You get the white station building, a bus wash, storage shed, gas pump and a few other details on the weathered and painted bases. This set up is made up of the A and B sets, I believe. I tossed in the taller station building and drink station and it ended up rounding out things nicely. the bus is separate. SO many to pick from it's not funny. I tried to keep all the Briddon buses using the same white bus with grey and red color schemes.

Why do I love buses so much? I have four here now and was looking at more the other day! :)

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