Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Model Rail Radio


A must hear model rail podcast!

Not only do they put out a fantastic podcast (available on iTunes), but they also tape the shows live with some audience participation elements via chat. You can listen to the live show and chat with fellow hobby enthusiasts about the show and the hobby. The flow is fantastic and some of the shows are three hours long and packed with a significant amount of valuable information.

Content ranges from chat about what people have been doing at home hobby wise to detailed discussions on train tech, details and work flows.

This show fuels my love for model trains even when I might not have time to actually sit and work on my projects.

Check it out for sure! They are a friendly group of experienced hobbyists.

From the site:
About the Host

Tom Barbalet has been a podcaster since 2006. His interest in model trains comes from childhood when he was give a Lima "The Overland" train set in Australia in the late 1980s.

In 1999, when Tom first moved to the US having spent nearly four months flying continuously he vowed not to take an airplane for an entire year. Through this time Tom travelled between US and Canadian cities by train traveling coast to coast by different Amtrack routes.

Tom has travelled by train throughout Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia and Thailand.

Moving back to the US in 2005, Tom was re-introduced to model trains by a coworker and began planning a model railroad layout. He started building benchwork in early 2009 and laying track mid 2009.

Interviewed on Podcast411 (the inside the actors studio for podcasters) in 2007, Tom stated that it was astonishing the lack of model railroad podcasts. With a proven record building a community with freely available, always accessible podcasts without paid subscription or advertising, Tom saw the need for a similar style of podcast being available to the model railroading community. The live internet radio format meant anyone could contribute and the format was actively decided by the listeners.

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  1. Malco! I'm a Model Rail Radio listener as well, and totally agree with your sentiments. Tom and Chris (and the other guests) do a nice job of covering the hobby overall and I do actually learn quite a bit (e.g. learning what air pressure to set my air compressor at for either acrylic or enamel paints!). I also love how they are willing to sample methods from outside the railroad hobby (miniature painting). Overall, what I really enjoy is that despite the hosts very specific interests, they are very open and genuine in all aspects of the hobby. I really find their attitude to be so positive and very refreshing! Thanks for posting on this, as it'll be good to get them more listeners (then maybe we'll get more podcasts!).