Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Over / Under Project - sketch

In the future, (when we have flying cars and food we eat out of space tubes) I hope to have a space in our home for a layout where I can combine the various bits and pieces of n scale trains and buildings I've collected into one set. You can see what I have going in the PROMO VIDEO for N-RAIL.

I've been thinking about a double deck layout for a long while. The original plan was to have a mine with a coal train that ran from the upper area to a lower, underground cave area completely with stalactites, stallagmites, underground monsters, bats and hanging lights. However, my overall layout idea has changed and this new idea would work well with it.

I'd have my upper areas blocked out into sections - Old Town, City and Industrial areas. I'd have a tram running through part of the layout connecting the Old Town and City areas and a more robust "subway line" connecting all three areas for commuters.

The "subway line" would have an upper area and lower area that it would run through. The image above shows the way this could work.

• I'll have the train run down into a lower section which will have a subway style wall look in the front area with lights and the like.

• The loop will wrap around and back up from behind the front, subway wall

• An overhead station area - maybe two - will be the main boarding area. Depending on the size of the layout, I may have an underground station area as well.

I'd like to have a layout plan that is in a corner space in the shape of an "L". It will lend itself well to what I'm thinking. The three sections will have a little space between them so they don't run together. And, seeing as it's N scale, I'll be able to have a little more land space with a smaller overall footprint.

Ah, planning. It's going to keep me busy for a while without having to buy anything! :)

In the meantime, I'll keep detailing my existing structures to stay busy in the hobby.

Perfect samples and examples for the underground section thanks to MODEL RAIL RADIO information!


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