Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had it in mind to make a Batmobile for the set after seeing someone else that purchased a TARDIS for his set. I thought it would make a nice little "Easter egg" - a Batmobile chasing someone down in the streets of Briddon. :)

I wanted to just bash a Batmobile and had to search out a good base. I remembered that I kept a horrid, shell of a car that came with the burger stand and thought the shape and make of the car was perfect. The Burton Batmobile used a corvette as a base, so this would work well.

I made fins from styrene, painted it up and used a pencil to put in some detail and paint highlights.

Then, of course, Batman needed someone to chase down. I whipped up a Joker Mobile for Joker's people to use to do crimes. :)

Check out more custom detail work on my FLICKR site.


  1. :) Thanks. It was one of those things where I thought about doing it and actually executed on the thought! hehehe