Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hospital - Details

Part of the model railroad process for me right now is going back in on buildings that I already own to add weathering and details. This cuts WAY down on spending and - seeing as I was rapidly running out of space to show items - it allows for some hobby work without adding to the overall footprint of the sections I have going currently.

Many of the buildings I purchase are pre-built, but the majority don't actually come with internal details. Some don't even have floors within them, leaving them looking like hollow boxes when placed in the scene.

This hospital did have floors, but it didn't have figures. So, this was a rather simple internal fix. I added figures, some walls and some desk details and it really helped with the overall look of the building. It looks like there's something going on inside now.

The weathering was the next step. The first layer of weathering got a little heavy handed. (Note: Best not to weather a building after drinking a bit of whiskey....) :) I had REALLY over-weathered the building and it just looked far too dirty for an active hospital. This was easy to fix, however. I just tossed a little turpentine onto a Q-Tip® and started removing some the the paint. The effect was actually exactly what I wanted, so I may use this as my go to weathering method from now on!

The final result:

Kato 23-310 "Industrial Building"

Another Briddon Downtown building ready to go! :)

Check out more custom detail work on my FLICKR site.

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