Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shuttle and Programming

More amazing work from Miniatur Wunderland and Gerrits Tagebuch, their resident hobby genius! Listening to Tagebuch talk about having to go through the programming to find a small error that would happen once a week is wild. Just seeing the control screen for all the events and vehicles is mind blowing.

I love the model railroad hobby. It brings me great joy. I sit and tinker on my little N scale projects and build my little empire one tiny building or scene at a time.

Then I see things like this video and my mind melts. Computers driving planes, cars and scenes through an intricate environment of tracks and tunnels. Timed events and happenings that go off like clockwork as thousands of visitors pass through.

It shows just how wide the spectrum of model railroads (and airports) really is. Some truly amazing work here.


  1. i think this easier than creating model trains.

  2. Malco, I'm fortunate to have visited this place last summer. Its even more over-whelming in person! I cannot fathom the amount time that these folks put into this project. A real work of art!

  3. I'll need to plan a trip out there at some point. Looks amazing.