Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I may have already posted something about the blog of QUINNTOPIA, but that's ok. It warrants a double if not triple posting! The amount of time and effort that is placed into this blog fascinates me. You have the blog which is a fantastic source of information and content, then you have the YouTube Channel which has MORE content. It's fantastic.

The QUINNTOPIA layout is wondrous as well. There's a guided tour on the Channel where you can check out the space he's working in, the layout and the workbench area where the magic happens.  :)

My favorite aspect of the work found here is the lighting. I can't get over the detail and time put into lighting the scenes and buildings on the layout. There are some grand cusomizations on the layout as well. Buildings taken from the box and altered wonderfully. He has some super cool custom buildings that have been transformed from OK to awesome.

All in all, QUINNTOPIA is a must see for hobby fans. There are detailed breakdowns of processes, great articles and many photos of the layout and items being talked through. You need to check it out.

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  1. Well, I have to say that I am blushing! :-)

    I'm glad that you enjoy my little attempts at sharing my hobby...its really a pleasure for me to get to share what I do with others who are like-minded!

    And thank you for great blog and all the interesting and inspiring things you write about!

    Thanks Malco!

  2. BAH! I only make such a fuss because YOUR WORK IS AWESOME! :)

    True story - My wife (designer and website builder) puts up with my train madness, but really doesn't get it at all. She's supportive and glad I love it, but...yeah...that's about it. heh One night we were side-by-side computing and I was on your blog. She looks over and says, "What site is that? It looks really cool." She was really impressed with the design.

    Keep up the grand work. It helps me push ahead into trying new things and raising my own personal hobby bar.