Friday, December 2, 2011

Hiroshima Electric Railway Green Mover

Dear Santa,
Can I please have the Hiroshima Electric Railway Green Mover for Christmas?
I've been a good kid. 
Respectfully Yours,
Malcolm Johnson Jr. 

I love this! It has some great detail and the overall design is a lot of fun. It's snake-like and awesome tram goodness. Currently, things would be a little boring for this tram on my office layout. It would just loop dreamily around in an oval and stop from time to time at stations. however, in the bright and glorious future when I connect Old Town and the City in some larger house space if and when we get it, the Green Mover would have a lot of little curves and things to snake around. Then it would be a worthwhile addition to the set as a whole, not just another detail to sit idle on the tracks like my current tram does, poor thing.

I want to hunt down videos of this model running to see if it does the slow, realistic run I like. I have the Portram unit and loved how it ran....when it was running :(...and the fact that I could do slow pull ins to station areas, then slow pull outs before ramping up to speed. The Portram seemed to have an issue with a break in the middle that took the wheels off and broke the connection. I think that if I fix that, then add some weight to the unit, it will run better. (Yet another project)

I was concerned with the first image above for the same reason. It looks like the tram is pitching up in the front and back and I thought that I might run into the same issue with it that I had with the Portram. If anyone has experience with this, drop me a comment and let me know - I'd love feedback on that.

All in all, the detail and look of this unit has me drooling. Two would be fantastic, but at $150 each, that might be a stretch. No need to rush it of course. This is just going on the WISH LIST for sure.

Available at HOBBY SEARCH:

And here's the real deal running in Japan!

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