Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monster Railroad

Big Al Mayo is awesome. He's a model railroader who features his HO layout and detailing skills on his YouTube channel. He's from Connecticut and is currently starting a new career as a fire fighter. Very cool.

As of October 31, 2011, Al has 4800 Subscribers! Not shabby!

He is back in the loop after some time in fire fighter academy, so we're starting to see more videos coming through again. He has a fun and interesting style - playing rap as a music bed in his videos and walking through steps in detail to show what his processes are for his amazing, detailed engines - many based on real engines and graffiti he's taken photos of. Side by side comparisons are fantastic and really show off his skills.

~ Click to Enlarge ~

I have to say that, as a "person of color" myself (light as it may be :::grin:::) it's cool seeing another person of color in the hobby. I have not seen many folks doing this, but maybe I just have not run into them yet. :)

Check out Al's YouTube Channel!


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