Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bridge Planning and the Corner

I've decided to forget the lighting for now. It's just...not where my mind is right now. I do plan on  slipping wires into the buildings for FUTURE lights, however. Then, I'll move on.

I plan to move forward on Soyokaze, building a footbridge to span between the two hills and dropping a larger water area in between them. This will allow for the duck boats to be in the center and for the Tomytec fishing boats I have to be towards the back in deeper water. If I do it correctly, it should be a very nice scene.  I have the Woodland Scenics water effects kit and plan to experiment with it to see what I can manage. Seeing as it's more on the "creative" side and not on the electronics side, I have faith that I can be somewhat successful. :)

I'm thinking of something like this for the bridge.

I'm going to be crafting it from scratch out of styrene and foam board. The overall look will be wood - maybe with the traditional red paint, but I'm leaning towards straight wood look and feel.

Bridge look
Bridge location - where the white strip is

Sadly, Shizuka is packed up and away. It will resurface in 6 weeks or so in our new office, but will remained packed while I work from home. :(

OTHER: The America's

I'm still working on the new American module. I'm looking into lighting it with a small light kit I picked up a year or so ago.  

I think it will do the job.  I'm also looking into streets and various details to make the project last longer. Something like an empty lot, parking area and the like. This will allow for a little American modeling. The buildings will have more of this internal buildup and figures, so it's a somewhat slow process. I have the internals set up for printing, but building the buildings and detailing will take a while. I'll post project pictures for those who are interested. 

I also need to refine my little Industrial area. Pep it up a bit and tune it. More projects.  :)



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