Friday, April 27, 2012

Some nice Woodland Scenics N Scale pieces

I was flipping through N SCALE Magazine and saw that there are some nice pieces coming out soon from Woodland Scenics.  While it's ideal to craft your own stuff if you're into it, WOODLAND is great when you want to add a little pep to your layout, but don't have the time or desire to do it yourself. And, these make a nice addition even if you prefer to hand craft items. They are just nice pieces.  You can find additional items on their COMING SOON page. 

(( I've taken the liberty of snagging their descriptions from their site - I don't think they'll mind. :)  ))

J.W. Cobbler - N Scale    BR4931

You can almost hear the door-bell jingle and smell the leather. You can just imagine the village shoemaker sitting hunched over his cluttered workbench topstitching some new boots or re-soling a pair of shoes.


Misc. Freight - N Scale    A2216

Tons of freight move daily through every part of America. You’ll find it stacked on industrial loading docks, aside packing houses, on harbor docks or at train depots. This figure set includes an assortment of colorful, highly detailed crates, boxes, bags and sacks of varying shapes and sizes. 

Tim Burr Logging - N Scale    AS5343

Tim shouts last-minute instructions to his driver who takes the lumbering load of logs to the sawmill.

Bad Boy Bikers - N Scale    AS5344

Three bad-boys, complete with do-rags, tattoos and pony-tails, set ready-to-ride on their custom choppers. 



  1. I love this scene. I can almost picture a team of horses helping the unit through the mud.

    1. Right?! They really did a nice job on the scene. Great work.