Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On Deck: Water!

Soyokaze's pond is going to be in production this some point.
I have the game plan and the WOODLAND SCENICS water test going today with some WATER EFFECTS ready to roll, so I'll be setting that into place and working out the boat rental spot and the boats on the water. Very exciting!

I'm going for the olive green water look as shown in the photo above. There's a small "lake" in Golden Gate Park that we visit and it has the same look. It holds something near and dear to my heart. My daughter and I took MANY early morning walks around it when her sleep schedule had her waking up at 5am or 6am. They had swan boats as well and I ended up folding them into a grand set of stories that I tell her at night about a huge Swan Boat with a crew of all of her stuffed animals. All of it came from our walks and the cool, morning walks that we took around that lovely green lake.

That's my target for this small part of the Soyokaze Lake project. Photos to follow!

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