Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soyokaze Update: Base painting!

Soyokaze progress has been made finally!

I managed to get the base painted finally and I'm really pleased with the outcome. Now, I can go back in and start laying in some of the finer details. Whew! And, all it needed was a commitment to move forward on the project. I left wires behind and kept things moving and I'm really happy about it!

Now...what to tackle first. I think it's my water area.

And, I'm not sure my vendors are going to fit now! hehehe  I might have some choices to make in the near future.


  1. Very nice, Malco! We're modeling such different things, so your layout is more of an adventure to me. Very pretty buildings! And is that the Yamato I see hovering in the distance?

    1. Thanks, Vera!
      And, yes, that is Space Cruiser Yamato hovering in the background...waiting to save the Earth...again. :)
      Heading to your blog shortly. I've been all over the board and bookmarked it, but have not made time to get over there yet. Your blogroll sent me over the edge. SO MUCH CONTENT! :)
      Thanks for looking!

  2. LOL.
    We're off to outer space,
    we're leaving Soyokaze!
    To save the Model Rails!
    Ya ma to !..

    1. Well played! LOL!!!!