Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More engine choices

I'm looking at what style of engine..or engines...I want to purchase for my layout. This is mostly due to the fact that it's SOMETHING I can do that's rail related at the moment. My time is being eaten up at the moment by house items, so this is something I can sneak in here and there and around the edges.

My initial thought was getting the Modemo trolly - Keihan Electric Railway Type 60, however, several trusted sources said that they were having some issues with the Modemo products and that there might be future engine issues if I went this route. (Please let me know if you have positive Modemo feedback for me to think about!)

So, I've started to look at other options and styles. I wanted something smaller that could be seen as somewhat rustic. Not a bullet train modern job. Something with some older style and character to it. Something different.

One thing I'm pretty sure about is the harbor operations side of things. I'd like to get this little guy for pushing containers around in the harbor area.

7t Flip Locomotive with Motor (Brown) (Model Train) TGW(Tsugawa) 14005 Pre-colored Completed|Electric Locomotive N Scale

I think this will be a fun little "operations" thing for me, though I'm really not planning on doing much in the way of operations. Surely nothing like some folks execute on their layouts. However, this seems perfect for my little harbor area and the back and forth it will have going. I'm planning on getting some refrigeration cars for the scene. These would be used to ship the fish from the harbor in Soyokaze into the city of Shizuka.

Now, the passenger side has my head spinning. I'm leaning towards a few key players.

J.N.R. Electric Locomotive Type EF60-0  + Ohani30 (Model Train) Kato 5003 Passenger Car

The larger J.N.R. Electric Locomotive Type EH10-4  is cool as well, but I think it's too much engine for what I had planned.

EF80-61, Second Edition (Model Train) Micro Ace(Arii) A3702 Electric Locomotive  is also a fun one with some character to it. I like the top detail and I think it would weather up nicely. This would be paired up with a passenger car - maybe two. Again, this is taking people from the city to Soyokaze. Tourist types making day trips, I thought. So, I'm not sure how many cars would be attached. I don't want the Soyokaze station to be too large, so we'll see.

Another older model is the  EF15-4 Hachioji Engine Depot (Model Train) Micro Ace A2403  which I like a lot.  It has that old school feel I want for the area. This will be a lot of fun when paired up with the right passenger car.

This brings me to the classic big blue baby - EF64-1015 Takasaki District Organization General Color (Model Train) Micro Ace A9216. Again, more modern, but familiar and fun when paired with the proper passenger car. I was thinking something like the  J.N.R. Type Ohani61 Coach (Model Train) Tomix 8522 Passenger Car  for instance.

There are some runner ups and mentions as well. But they just don't have 100% what I'm looking for. I did think about snagging the "BBQ" train and repainting over the BBQ part making it a simple orange stripe on the side. I really like the car with the large windows. That's one that's really on the fence. :)



Kiha40-700 + Naha29000 Barbecue Train (3-Car Set) (Model Train) Micro Ace A5934 Diesel Car|Passenger Car 

So...now I need to take a bunch of my old toy stock down to the shop down the street to see what I get for it! :) I'm hoping that the old crap I pulled from storage during the move might fund a few engines and some track. I have a budget, but...more in the coffers is always good.

Any thoughts on Micro Ace products would be appreciated. 


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