Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soyokaze River Shelf Layout: Sept 25th Update

Faked in backdrop. I'm going to print something as a backdrop to the shelf that's very close to this.

Well, things are rolling right along on the Soyokaze River Shelf Layout. I'm excited about the progress. I've gone through with multiple scenic passes, dolled some items up and have laid in two rounds of people and scenes - my favorite part of this. After taking a look at these photos, it became clear that I need to roll through one more time with some major touch up work. The camera is BRUTAL when you get down deep and start taking close ups. I want to hit small areas like building foundations and "dust off" streets and the like.

I also noticed that I have some "leaners" here and there - people that didn't quite make it vertical in the scene. I need to roll through and fix that. I used a new cement for the people and the results were better than I've gotten in the past from standard white glue or plastic cement, so I'm happy about that. I recommend it. Duco Cement. It's like Super Glue, but it's a little thicker and I found it to be much easier to work with. (Even fixed a broken vase top that my Mother had)

I plan to hit the plants and trees with scenic cement after everything is where I want it. I have not used it yet, so I'm planning on testing it out on my old Soyokaze layout first to make sure I'm using it properly.

Then, another detail pass on buildings, water, people and roads. I'll put in some lines and rooftop variation here and there. I think that will be the final step. We'll see once I'm done. Another week or so for sure.

This has been a grand process for me and I've added some new skills to my virtual toolbox which is always good. I'm pacing myself and accepting the time that is available to me instead of whining about not having time to work on hobby stuff.

An oldie but goodie from an old Landmark Forum class I took at one point: It's not that you don't HAVE time to do the things you want, it's that you are not MAKING time to do them. If you really break things down and look at them earnestly, you'll see that in most cases this is correct. Watching TV? That is potential hobby time. You're just choosing to watch TV instead of doing hobby items. Which is FINE, by the way. It's just more "empowering" if you say that YOU are the one doing it, it's not being done to you. Anyway....

Looking at this small layout shelf, I can see how a full layout - about 11 times the size of this shelf in my case - can take a long while to "complete". I have trains running, so it'll be an ok wait! :)

More photos can be found here:


Talk about work plans or lunch plans? :)

Grandmothers brag about their grandchildren   :)

Pedestrians and vehicles share the road. The road is not open to all through traffic.

Things tend to move a little slower up in the Soyokaze River area.

Poets, lovers and tourists love the Soyokaze River Bridge


  1. Great photos! Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  2. Excellent pictures. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  3. The last photo is so real! You made it!!

    1. Thank you!
      This was a fun project. I keep thinking that it needs a little something else. More rock work to make them look a little better? More people? More trees and bushes? Not sure.

      Comments and suggestions welcome! I'm sitting with it for a while - slipping some other projects in until something clicks for me. We'll see. :)