Friday, October 24, 2014

Cool cardstock modeling and street work

My friend Rios posted a few updates from this modeler.

The site is in Japanese, but the Chrome browser can translate if you're interested in reading the blog. The images are fantastic on their own.

He's doing work with card stock on a carved foam base. Really interesting stuff. He's also doing some great weathering on the buildings he's putting together. When they are placed and set, they look fantastic.

I love the carved stone walkways as well. It's a great look. I was wondering if I could get foam and have it thin enough to do something similar, but I think it wouldn't play correctly in N scale. I'm still sorting out options for sidewalks and walkways that don't involve massive purchases of pre-made items.
This is a great exercise in planning and thinking things through. The streets need to be planned out and worked so they make sense. Then there are the buildings and their footprints and making them work with the area as well. Then you need to factor in sidewalk areas to make sure they are working, too.

I love this style of working - removing material instead of just building things up. Cool stuff.

All in all, it's great to see more of what is going on overseas in this area.

 And I love the look of the street scenes. They have a painterly texture to them that I really enjoy.

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