Friday, October 2, 2015

Tokyo Monorail Type 1000 Four Car Formation

I've been giving thought to trying to wedge this nugget into my layout somewhere. It wouldn't be too hard to do and I think it might add an interesting element.

The Tokyo Monorail Type 1000 Four Car Formation might be fun to see poised in my city section of Shizuka.

The model is static and very detailed. It would take me a while to put together, but it would also provide a nice little project to work on inside the house instead of having to go out to the studio. I think a lot of it would be in the painting and decal application. It would be a lot of fun for sure.

These diagrams remind me of my old GUNDAM building days. Another zen experience. You just need to relax, "measure twice, cut once" and enjoy the process. Can't rush it.

And....I'd need passengers for sure. I'd go with unpainted and just paint them myself. Theyare inside, so I wouldn't have to be TOO spot on with things. :)

Hmmmm....yeah...i might have to make this happen. :)

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