Monday, September 28, 2015

Wide Tunnel

So, now I have another thing to name - the wide tunnel. I also need to name the city that is in the extension.

So, here is the deal. The tunnel I purchased didn't fit with the space between tracks that I had going. It's a tricky spot and it was easier to make a larger tunnel than to fix the track spacing. So...what to do? Make a larger tunnel!

IT was a somewhat simple process - chop one side of, then pop the two tunnel parts together.

I blocked the seam with some additional pieces.

Then, I filled in the sides a bit to give a little more thickness to build around. I wanted to use more plaster gauze for the hillsides around the tunnel entrance.

Waste not, want not. I used the pieces I chopped for additional side elements. :)

Sprayed it all up to blend the additions and presto.

In place somewhere around here....

I built the hill over the tunnel portion with cardboard for structure, but ended up taking it back out so I could work on the track leading up to it first. I also need to address the wire feeds at the top of the tunnel - make them look a bit more prototypical if I can. There are four of them, but only two tracks. :)

I'll go back to this after getting the track 100%.


I've started the little roadwork scene in Shizuka. It's a work in progress, but it should be interesting. Some debris and cables and rock will be added later.

I'm also still making an effort to get James Gore a few paragraphs on Japanese paper structures to be included in his book on card stock modeling, but I've been stopped a few times with parent duties and my Mother's trip to the ER recently. (She's fine - a diverticulitis flare up. Horrid stuff!)   I'm aiming to get something composed sometime this week.

GO GO GO, Modelers! :)

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