Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hobby Day

I got a little hobby time in this past Labor Day weekend and it was a lot of fun. While I could have EASILY worked on hobby projects the whole time, I mixed in a little cleaning and the like to make sure the house was in order. :::grin:: My wife took the kids up to see her sister in Sacramento and I got to work on my ever growing list of hobby items I want to tackle.

The first thing I did was play around with the track arrangement yet again. What I had was fine for the spur off to the right, but it wasn't 100% what I was looking for.

This is how things started out:

Then, after tearing things apart a few times and making various passes at the arrangement, I came up with something that was almost the same with a few tweaks.

Essentially, I just made a little more room for the factory area and gave it a dedicated line that ran out to it. There will be some other type of mico-industry on the other side - TBD. Things will be tight, but that's what will sell this, I believe. After looking over some Japanese factory shots, I think a tight area would be leaning more towards what the protype looks like.

After a while, I moved away from track work and started in on adding some more people to Soyokaze and Shizuka. I did a mix of "floating scene people" mounted on plastic and "locked down people" that were glued directly in place in their scene location. The floating people allow me to move folks around if I'm trying to shoot a particular area and want more people there.

I like this worker in the truck. :)

Harbor workers talking about fish prices.

I wanted to get a little Sika deer look going in the Soyokaze Temple area like the deer in Nara Park.

image from -

I need to get a few more packs of deer and have them wandering around Soyokaze Village as well!

I've been doing more bike riding as well, so I needed to start adding my riders in, too.

I have another round of Shizuka building planning to do. I have three additional buildings coming and they'll need room.  I took a pass at a little rearrange while I'm waiting - I like the results.

The buildings I purchased from "mdaveb" on eBay worked well with my existing items. I was really happy with the purchase and his service. He did a great job kitbashing the buildings. He even included photos of the buildings they were based on. Very cool of him.

The building on the right was one of the purchases from mdaveb

I made a few purchases for the extension. I can't wait until they come in! I've tweaked the track a bit there so I might make that NEX train purchase in the near future! Whoo hoo!

My other purchases - all but $10 paid for by selling some old toys! I tell you, that's some great motivation to continue to go through my old junk for more eBay selling! I even managed to get a few more people packs so I can avoid doing all the painting I need to do on my basic, cheap figures in order to make them look right. hehehe

Kato 7012-1 DD13 Early Production (Model Train) N Scale|1/150 Diesel Locomotive

So now....more playing around with the factory area, naming the extension, and working on another NRAIL video update! Stay tuned!


  1. Great idea with the floating people groups. That clear plastic is hardly noticeable even in your great closeup photos. And you can never have too many people. Great work, it all looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Brad. It's nice to have the option to move them around a bit. Makes cleaning a bit easier as well. Thanks for the kudos. :)

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