Thursday, September 10, 2015

More and more

I got to work on my factory additions a few weeks back. (I'm behind in my posts for sure)

The Greenmax kits are super clean and go together well. There are various options you can apply (open doors / closed doors) and they are great if you're into kitbashing or modifications. I've been comparing plastic kits with the paper ones and, while paper kits offer many interesting, detailed designs with a good price point, I still think I prefer plastic kits. They can take a little more pressure without compression. :::grin:::

I tried to dirty things up a bit without going too grungy.

The Greenmax kit plays nicely with the TOMYTEC Factory parts.

Things are starting to look busy in Shizuka and Soyokaze.

I snagged another Tomytec car set and some additional buses. Bus transportation plays a big part in the world I created for Soyokaze and Shizuka. And...I like buses. :)

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