Thursday, May 12, 2016

Japanese Modules by K Ryouichi

Just a few in house Japanese modules set up by someone I follow on YouTube. ((K Ryouichi))  I thought I'd share.

These complex lovelies are just placed together on a temporary basis, I believe, but look at all the action available! I thought it might be inspiration for someone who might not have a lot of space, but who would enjoy running trains all the same. Maybe a modular setup that could be put up and stripped down with ease would be the way to go!

From the YouTube post:
"Course of the double loop by connecting the modular layout of the N-Gage in the apartment of the living tried to create. Since the double track of a 2-track, but running unfazed 4 train so they are running 2 organized into one track has. Model railroad blog iron also of room N gauge of self-made layout, railway facilities, such as the state of the diorama Exhibition "

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