Friday, May 6, 2016

New Kiwamura Section is GO!

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Work was finally started on the new Kiwamura section.  I think I'm liking how it's turning out. :::grin::: I've been rather..."meh" of late - starting things and working on them only to look at them later with regret. hehehe  It's the April Showers, I believe. I'll have to wait for those May Flowers® to arrise!

The section was in flux for a long while. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a large land section with tunnels set for the tram and high speed rail or if it was going to be a bridge. Well, in the process of taking the old bridge out, I thought, "Hey, I do like this bridge. Maybe I'll just use it there." And, it's working out. I dig it.

I did a lot of playing and exploration before making the final commitment on the area. I thought through what it would take to do the tunnels and big hillside, but I didn't want something that large in the front of the layout area. I believe it would really block some of the views I wanted to have there.

Going with the two sections with a bridge between was really going to work, so I blessed it and moved into some additional planning. This was going to be the residential area of the layout, so I plotted the houses out a bit.

Then I played with exactly how high I wanted to go....

Added and checked the bridge section....

I added a little more to the bottom of the bridge to make it look a bit more substantial.

Then I started in on the roadway section that the new bridge will lead up to. First step, path carving.

The art of zen brick carving :)

Detail check and carving in some details on the sides...

Hmmmph...spray paint eats pink foam. Go figure. hehehe  It worked out, however - it looked like stone or rock.

 A little paint....

And....STUFF! :) Some shops, a small workshop, and a viewing spot for tourists on a walk. :)

When I roll in a few more details and people, I think this section will really pop. The residential area, too. I want to have people walking, bike riding, and playing in the area. Should be a fun addition. More to follow on that.

I saw a little TOMYTEC heavy machinery rental kit and was just about to pull the trigger on it when I stopped myself. "I can just build that. It's mostly a large area of nothing." So, I set out to build it out of styrene.

I still need to go in and weather the vehicles, but I think it's a good addition for sure. And, it's mine - there won't be another one like it for the most part. I've really liked doing things like that. Having unique buildings and spaces on the layout that are just mine. Like my submarine viewing area and some of the buildings I've bashed together. Fun stuff. 

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