Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fantastic Gift from my Boss

I was pleasantly surprised when a box from my boss arrived this vacation. I opened it and found a wrapped gift. Within that, a....cigar box.

"Did he buy me cigars?"

Then I saw the cord. I opened it up and found a little treasure within. This fun little Christmas train!

 It turns out that my boss knows someone that creates the inner workings for these. (Luis - correct me if I'm wrong in the comments!) Luis - my boss - worked up this piece for me. I watched it go round with a huge smile on my face. I wasn't sure what it was about it besides the obvious - it being a great gift. But, then it dawned on me. I reminded me of the old Lionel rain I had as a kid.

It was grand. It had a chuff that was a wheel found in the tender. The little train here reminded me of it for some reason.

It's a wonderful gift that I'll keep out all year and will highlight at Christmas time. I love it! :)

The simple look of it is grand. A sparkling paper, the candy canes, and a small tree in the center of it all. So grand.

The train itself runs with magnets. I still need to pry it up and take a look at the internal workings.

Thanks again, Luis! :)


  1. What a very cool and thoughtful gift! A couple of my staff know that I'm really into trains and especially Japanese so I would get little train related items from them when they travel to Japan. Also, my first train set was a Tyco with a Southern O-6-0 Steam Locomotive similar to yours. I'm currently on the hunt for something similar in either HO or N Scale - I've only been able to save one of the Freight cars which is a Santa Fe Super Shock Box car.

  2. Was a pleasure to make it. Really hope you enjoy it. I figured with the sounds off you can get your train fix even when life, family or work doesn't allow for time to run trains on your N-scale layout. My next step is to make one for myself.