Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kiwamura Residential - Urban Renewal in Full Swing!

Just some photos of the streets and residential progress in Kiwamura.

Music for the post. :)

So, I had a lot of mess left over from my previous build, so i used the wood shingle method and just went over the top of the mess with foam core! :) Problem solved. And, I won't be using that glue to put things down anymore. My new method is the use of caulk to lock things down. It comes up MUCH easier than Elmer's style white glue.

It's fun when a train rolls by on the hill above the town.

The bare hills were making me crazy, so I got to work on adding Woodland Scenics goodness into the mix. Ah...lovely foliage.

I gave this cool product a shot as well. A rubber sheet that has a brick pattern on it. The sticky back made application very easy. It's not super easy to cut, but a sharp blade goes through it relatively easily.

And another thing ticked off my list - a roadway that dips down under tracks.

I'm going to end up using some dulling spray or the like on the road I think. It's a bit shiny, though that will change over time. If I want to up the level of this area later, I'll be able to just remove the current panels, then lay in new ones as needed. But, we'll see how things go once I'm done with the scenic elements and road markings. The intersection area is going to take some heavy reference searching.

I'm happy with the progress. I'm starting to get back to a level where I can get into adding people, cars, and all the little scene elements I really enjoy! And, having the new track setup is adding way more train enjoyment into the mix as well. Good stuff.

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  1. Wow Malcolm ! This layout has come a long way since you started. I really enjoy all those TomyTec kits and have just start 3 more. Annual exhibit at Hiller coming up March 31st so getting my modules ready.