Tuesday, January 11, 2011

KITBASH: The Building Project

My next project - a building kitbash complete with front area, fire escape and rooftop garden!
I have the fire escape. It's a cool little metal kit I need to "fold together". Should be interesting. The rooftop garden will be some shrubs, a tree and bushes making a walkway with a walkable roof. I want to have lights both inside and outside as well. I have a stand alone light kit for that. Details added to the lobby and front area should make this a fun little project.

Now...to make time to actually do it! :)

I have a little fear of messing up the buildings - I really like them and they are not super cheap. However, I've worked with models and the like and think that I have the skills to pull it off. But, do I have the patience?

A detail sketch of what I'm hoping to pull off. Looks good on paper. I think that once I really get in there and start, I'll see things i want to add and other items I'll have to ditch. Comments and suggestions welcome!

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS (...or lack thereof...)

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