Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitbash: Paint Up

I've started the kitbash project!

I finally made time to paint up the taller building - tossing some brown into the mix to tie the two buildings together a bit more. I think it's working well. (Comments welcome)

The thing my wife pointed out, however, was that the fire escape going from the tall building on the left to the roof of the building on the right makes it looks like once you are there, you are hosed and unable to get off the roof in an actual fire.

I was looking at the escape as a way to access the rooftop garden area, but from a "real world" standpoint, I think it makes sense to carry on the fire escape from the smaller roof to ground level. This means additional escape purchases. I'll have to do the math and see what that means.

Next steps:
• Fire escape purchase
• Fire escape mounting
• Fire escape weathering

• Signs - English, Japanese or mix?
• Base area with eating area - look into options

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