Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitbash: Revised Plan

After some thought, I'm revising the plan of action for the Kitbash Project.

Having fire escapes down one short wall got me thinking - why not have fire escapes that would actually WORK in a fire. (Real world, of course)

So, I made another visit to Feather River Trains and snagged another few sets of escapes. I'm going to take them down the front of the taller building and the side of the smaller one.

The roof garden will now be accessed through a rooftop door I'll be installing. I'm using an electric box set as the door area. I think it will work well. I've also snagged a Woodland Scenic bench set so we'll see people enjoying the garden, too. I hope it all fits.

First step - fire escapes. It might be easier weathering them off of the building. I might tackle that, then place them, though I think the glue will work better without paint.
Second step - starting work on the rooftop.

Pictures will follow.

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