Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Buildings at the Bend

FLICKR Set - http://www.flickr.com/photos/malcojojo/sets/72157626379292516/

This was a little project I had to split my factory and older business areas apart. The factory area was getting cluttered, so I thought I'd split a few of the buildings off and get a few more to build things up a bit. The result was a fun little foam core base project with some roadway and people to build out a scene where an older area of town was being brought up to speed and redone.

I used foam core alone for the base of the scene and painted over the top with a black/gray for street. I set up how I wanted the buildings to be set before painting so I could work the paint to show the roadway and parking areas.

Woodland Scenics figures toil on the roof and street for added fun. A fantastic fit when combined with their "Road Crew Details" set. I plan to go back in on this to add some additional details and to weather it up a bit more. I have to make these projects last longer - I'm currently running out of space and need to make these projects stretch out for as long as they can. :)

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