Friday, March 4, 2011

Temple: Base Phase Two

This was a lot of fun! The ideas for the creation of the Temple base were rolling through my head over and over again, but I found it difficult to actually pull the trigger and DO it. I kept thinking that I would mess things up. However, I finally realized that it wouldn't be a big deal if I did happen to mess this stage up - I could just get more materials and try again. So....

First, I drew out the pathways and blocked out the areas I wanted the buildings to be placed.

I roughed in areas that were going to be exposed dirt based on the elevation and space and painted them up with "dirt colors". I had planned on going back in on these areas later, but it turned out that the first pass was fine. I painted in tacky hobby glue and laid the ballast out for the pathways. This worked out, but it was a messy process and I'm sure there were better ways to execute on it. The glue itself was ok, but the top layers of sand were loose and the glue was hard to see on the white, so there were areas I had to go back in on later with more glue and ballast. Messy process.

Next, more glue and mess! :)
I went in over the painted areas and hit them with more glue and turf. Again - I'm sure there was a better way to make this work. Maybe a final spray fix layer over the whole of it? I'll have to look that up. (( COMMENTS WELCOME! )) The turf layers were placed in based on what I thought a real world situation would have. The turf was maintained by grounds people, so it wasn't going to be overrun. However, there were also elements of nature I tried to capture like rough patches and the like.

The last steps were larger green patches, bushes and trees. I wanted a maintained look, but didn't want it to be a bore. I think the right balance was struck.

I do think some sort of topcoat would help keep things in line and together. Another point I had was dust. How the hell am i supposed to keep this dust free??? heheheh A topcoat spray would allow a light feather dusting from time to time. I think this will live with me a while, then be "transformed" into something else at a later date. All in all, it was fun to work on and shoot.

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