Wednesday, March 23, 2011

N Scale Work Setup

One of the things that keeps me rolling through my work weeks (they seem to go on....and on....and on....) is my N Scale setup. While I wish I had the space for it at home and in one setup, it's grand to have the space at work to port this stuff over.

My home Unitram set grew into a monster right out of the gate. Once I pulled the trigger on an N scale set, I went a little (a LOT) buy crazy and got a bunch of buildings and the like for the Unitram base set. I had a mix of old and new buildings and it was just...strange. So, when my daughter was born, I split up the set into several districts or areas. In my minds eye, it's all part of the same town area, but split out into different physical locations.

I have Old Town Briddon, The Briddon Industrial Park, The Downs (coming soon!) and Downtown Briddon.

The Downtown Briddon section is at work and tucked into two sections in a cubby space and a corner of my desk space. It works out REALLY well due to the nature of my job. I'm Creative Manager and am involved in many processes that require waiting. (Renders....client phone calls where I'm only needed for a portion of the call, etc) This allows for glances over to the set and absent minded repositioning of items in and around it.

What I once saw as a bad thing (having to move part of my set out of the apartment) turned out to be a fantastic addition to my work space. And, one day, it will all come back together into one set with KATO track making connections to all the different areas! Exciting! :)

You can find more shots here:

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