Saturday, August 18, 2012

Soyokaze Harbor: Update Aug 17

Soyokaze is still rolling along. I've started adding additional scenery and details. It's been a fun exercise. I've been trying to make things work as if it were "the real world" in Soyokaze. I'm making sure things move together like they would if they were really being built out. At least to a certain extent. I still wish all of Soyokaze were higher above the harbor, but that will be addressed on the rebuild once I have more space. 

The worn out stairs are coming along. I've been adding layers of details and foliage and it's shaping up.

The building on the hill - bar, maybe? - has a base now and a garden area with rocks and bushes and flowers. I was speaking to my wife and mentioned that I was thinking the building could be a small hotel or inn. She said, "Above a fish processing plant? Who'd want to stay there?" We had a good laugh about it. So, now it may be a somewhat seedy bar and "social" spot. :)

The garden and rock area is coming along well.

The front gate area was rather plain with the black gravel leading all the way through from the front of the module to the building area. So, I re-layered the gravel and I'm setting in a small track for the gate to roll on. Again, I'm looking for something that adds a "Hey, that looks like it would work" kind of situation. The first pass was rather good, but now I want to go in and add additional details to the gate track and signage on the gate itself.

The fence around the fishing building helped add to the scene as well. They needed some way to keep their equipment safe and all their dock access in line.

And, more foliage and flowers around the area made me (and my wife) happy. I want to keep the layers going. 

Until I get additional trucks from a Japanese supplier, I'll use this set

I've added people to the fish building and I'm getting some action going that I really like. I want to keep it going with some addition figures and scene action. That's the most fun for me. I love having things happening. There are small, Japanese transport lifts that I need to model as well. You see them in many fishing industry shots from Japan. I'll make it out of styrene - it's a simple shape.

What is the secret of the boarded up tunnel?

Another thing I want to keep going are the Soyokaze Stories. One of the things on the Soyokaze Story List is the tale of this boarded up tunnel. It goes along with the...mysterious figure seen around the temple....

The home work area

And lastly...I'm still living in a small apartment in San Francisco. :)    This is our dinner table - also known as my work space. Having everything out isn't a luxury I have. So, when I work on these modules, I need to set everything up, then tear it all down after I'm done. It makes things interesting.

Comments welcome - thanks for reading!

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