Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomytec Diorama Sets

Tomytec has a solution for people with a lot of cash- $980 plus shipping to be exact. They have several layout options as well, which lets you pick a few Japanese scenics. The diorama bases are unique and you get all the buildings seen in each set, which explains the price point.

I love TOMYTEC items. They have a lot of detail and really work well together. The buildings have a quaint, old town feel to them and provide enough space to have a little track loop going as well.

This would be ideal for someone with a love of Japanese scenes, but without a lot of room or a lot of time to craft something.  The "one stop shopping" aspect is appealing for some folks as well. They even have a module with a sea scenic.

More fun from Japan.



  1. Très joli, mais en effet, un peu couteux.

    1. Vrai - elles sont coûteuses, mais si vous regardez toutes les pièces que vous obtenez cela fonctionne. Moins douloureux de l'acheter en morceaux. :)

      True - these are expensive, but if you look at all the pieces you get it works. Less painful buying it in pieces. :)